Update and a bit more planting

Various factors have rather prevented much time in the garden recently, not least the weather which has actually been rather winter-like over the last few days especially with overnight temperatures getting down to -4degC.

However the enforced time inside has prompted me to update the garden map at last and you can see the current layout here on the ‘Garden Map’ page.

In the garden I have at least managed to plant a couple of rows of ‘The Sutton’ broad beans – the remainder of the packet I had for this year. So we’ll see how they fare – last year my early planting didn’t do so well. It did serve to remind me that I need to review my seeds – I need some more broad beans at least.

There is still plenty of clearing up to do in the garden, mostly in the flower beds though but the weather does look kinder towards the end of this week so maybe….

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