Minor Update II

Yes I have been in the garden again!

I’ve actually been doing some tidying up in the flower beds, removing dead annuals and cutting the dead stalks of some of the perennials – still looks a mess though…

While doing that I did notice that the garlic is sprouting:


Garlic sprouting

It looks like a few haven’t come through, but most are sprouting. I have a pot with a few in inside the greenhouse which are also sprouting well.

That’s the growing news. I also include a photo of one of my containers with bulbs in which the squirrels have been at – and I know I’ve had to put back a couple of bulbs in this one which had been dug up completely – but you can see signs of more digging:


See the signs of digging on the right….

Lastly just to brighten thinks up a little here are a couple of pics of the winter flowering jasmine near the house which is looking good right now:


Winter flowering jasmine


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