More Plantin’

Yes amazingly I’ve managed to get out into the garden and get some more planting during the last week. It was only a relatively brief visit to the garden but useful.

What did I do? – Well I finally got round to planting some broad beans – ‘Auquadulce’, about half a raised bed of them (bed 7 near the greenhouse, had potatoes in this year). I’ll leave the rest of the bed for planting from seedlings grown in the greenhouse come the spring – probably ‘The Sutton’ then.

Also, a second batch of garlic arrived – all the way from Estonia bizarrely (var ‘Vallelado’) so I planted some of the cloves in a large pot and a few more in the same bed as the other set (bed no. 9) – just a couple of rows. I can fill the bed up in spring.

Apart from that, not much and then the weather got really cold followed by today’s snow:

A Winter Wonderland?

Mind you after this photo was taken it began to melt and has mostly disappeared now, but more cold weather is anticipated.

On pressing job inside is to go through my seeds and see what I need to get for next year while stocks are available at garden centres etc.



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