B’bean Plantin

After a bit of a while not actually working in the garden I managed to spend a few minutes in the greenhouse the other day and sowed a few broad bean seeds into pots. Four pots (2 beans in each) of ‘De Monica’ and 4 pots (2 in each) of ‘Aquadulce’. The pots are now on one of the heated propagators

Meanwhile, outside the first shoots of the beans I planted last year have just started to appear. It will be a week or two before I can see if any have failed from that planting. I’ll need to plant a few more beans yet to fill the bed they are to go in (nearest the greenhouse).

The garlic are doing well. The first planting are now well up and the second are just showing. The ones I planted in a container are also just appearing.

Last year’s planting of garlic growing well

So the major job I need to do now is to go through my seeds before it’s too late as sowing both veg & flower seeds will need to start before too long.

There are a couple of beds that still need clearing as well, one with ‘salad’ crops i and the one with kale – which is still growing well though we keep forgetting to harvest any for a meal. There is also a bunch of hedge and shrub cutting to do before the nesting season gets under way.

Here is a snowdrop picture just to show it isn’t all dead plants in the garden:



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