Summer More or Less Over

Sorry for the long break in posts but I’ve had plenty to do….
Anyway, there has been plenty of harvesting. As usual the courgettes have been producing a glut, along with the cucumbers – most of these have been given away.
The tomatoes have been prolific also, both the big and small fruit types. I produced a load of home made ‘pasata’ with the bigger tomatoes, and have been trying to work my way through the smaller ones with various meals with only marginal success.
Plenty of brambles (blackberries to you non-northeners) as well, safely stashed in the freezer for now.
The ‘squash’ plants (Hunter F1) however, have only so far produced a couple, and it looks like there might be another ready soon.
The climbing beans have been ok but the long dray spell we had reduced their production I think so not too many have gone into the freezer.

The potatoes must be just about ready and I haven’t checked the apples recently but they can’t be far off being ready.

After a long dry summer the weather has now reverted to more or less normality a is now fairly cool. An ‘indian summer’ is being predicted though but we’ll see.

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