Autumn Frosts Already

A couple of frosty mornings this week already – scraping car windscreen etc. Although sunny most of the days temperature just about gets into double figures (C).

Anyway, I know it’s a long time with no posts but life has been a bit busy hereabouts. However, the delivery of some plants this morning led to a frenzy of activity in the garden this afternoon.

The blackcurrant bushes in the main part of the garden between beds 3 & 4 were here when we moved in so are pretty ancient now, although still producing decent crops. I bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago and ordered some new plants, 5 in all. Two varieties, 4 of ‘Ben Barek’ and one ‘Foxendown’ (a new variety). They arrived this morning a bare root plants so impelled me into activity.

So this afternoon I worked on removing the worst two plants and managed to get two of the Ben Barek planted. Hard work I might say….

Hopefully I’ll get the others planted tomorrow. All this means of course no blackcurrants next year as the fruit comes on 2nd year shoots. So no 2019 blackcurrant jam.

Elsewhere, the frosts finished off the courgette plants, which hd been producing until only a couple of weeks ago. There are still some tomatoes on the plants outside the greenhouse, but not sure if they will ripen now.

I harvested all the peppers growing outside, and indeed we had some of one fried up in an omelette this evening. The plants are now ready for the compost heap.

Inside the greenhouse, there are still tomatoes ripening, plus bell peppers and indeed two or three cucumbers but I think they will survive for the time being.

I notice that in the bed which had garlic planted this year \i must have missed one or two when harvesting as there are shoots now up!

The last of the the carrots were harvested today (and some eaten) – they were all the ‘yellow’ variety I tried as an experiment – must plant them again next year.

There are still cabbages to harvest, they have hearted up really well, and we’ve already had a couple. It’s the first time I think I’ve rally had much success with cabbage as well.

The only other veg left to harvest is the potatoes, which we’ve started on and had about half the bed. Not a great harvest, but it’s just a bonus really.

Now I also need to start planting some bulbs…..

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