Blackurrants & More

Just to illustrate that all the blackcurrants are in now:

PLanting in progress – one of the old bushes left to go (pruned down ready)

So here was the view after all 5 bushes planted:

All blackcurrants planted and pruned.

It’s a bit hard to tell but there are five, three on the right and two on the left.

The varieties are ‘Ben Barek’ (four) and one ‘Foxendown’. It will be 2020 before I get to see the blackcurrants though.

Also recently I’ve harvested some potatoes and carrots, just a couple of picture to show:

Desiree potatoes

and the carrots:

Early Nantes (I think) carrots

There is a lot of hedge cutting and so on to do round the garden now besides the usual clearing up.

The only planting activity coming up is probably some garlic,  on order but I’m not sure when it will turn up.

There are also some salvia plants in the greenhouse waiting to go in.

I did spend a while the other day putting bulbs, mostly tulips & narcissi into some of the containers that have become free now the summer plants have died off. More to do though, but I need to get some more bulbs first.

I’ll try and get round to planting some broad beans, though judging by this year, they may not be any better than starting them off in pots in the spring, but you never know….

Of course planting garlic and broad beans will mean I’ll have to plan what is going to go in which bed next year, that’s going to take some real sitting down and thinking – possibly a two coffee job that!

Finally on the wildlife front – recent reviews of trailcams have shown the hedgehogs, three different ones I think are still very active both in the ‘wild’area and on our lawn- plus one fox (in the wild area).

However, the sparrow gang (around 15 altogether) which had turned up around three months ago has now vanished, so consumption of mealworms has now dropped almost to zero, and even the hanging feeders are not being visited much at the moment – still I don’t have to keep refilling them every couple of days now!

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