Some Flower Seeds Sown

Yes, in a burst of activity the other day I got round to sowing some flower seeds that had turned up a week or so ago – an offer from an online garden centre of a collection of seed packets for a low price – your won selection. How could I resist?

I bought mostly flower seeds, just a few veg. packs including some interesting looking purple mangetout peas…

Anyway, the seed packets were burning a hole in the kitchen table so eventually my conscience got to me.

Amongst the packs were two of Rudbeckia – one called ‘Cherry Brandy’, which as the name suggests is a reddish variety, plus one called ‘Sputnik (Kelvedon Star), which is a yellow and black combination with more yellow than black. So they are in half-trays in a propagator in the greenhouse. The propagator is heated, although daytime temperatures have been such that it wasn’t needed during the day – we’ve had totally unseasonable temperatures as high as 20DegC this week, and in the greenhouse today it was over 24degC when I had a look inside.

They are always tricky to germinate I find so we’ll see what turns up….

Meanwhile, no sign of the broad beans yet. Ho hum.

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