Planting Frenzy

Well almost a frenzy anyway…. (updated)

But having bought loads of seeds the other day, including of course, several packs that weren’t on my list, and having others arrive by post I felt I really ought to get on with things a bit. They were mostly flowers, but some veg also.

So a couple of days ago I planted a half-tray of Gaillardia (Lollipop Red), now in the kitchen in a plastic bag plus some tomatoes in pots, two varieties ”Cherry Cascade’, a sort of bush type, and ‘Red Cherry’, which as the name suggests is another cherry type.

Also, today, a half-tray of Phlox (A white type) and a hlf tray split between Cosmos ‘Cupcakes White’, and Lobellia ‘Crystal Palace’ – blue type). Then in a square pot, four sweet peppers ‘Robertina’.

Meanshile the Cosmos planted a while ago in half-trays and left one of the propogators have produced some seedlins, though rather scattered and sparse so far.

One encouraging development is that one of the matrix sowings of broad beans has produced shoots (didn’t check which variety) and the seperate pots look encouraging.

I had a pruning session diuring the week and cut back the ivy and small branches on the old pear tree in the centre of the vegetable area so now any birds should be able to nest without interference (robins and tits have nested in the tree in previous years).

Finally, today I added some pelleted chicken manure to the bed which will house salad crops, and I’ll have to start planting soon.

Some pics to illustrate:

The broad beans coming through

The later batch of broad beans just starting to appear

The cosmos seedlings – a bit hit and miss


The current state of the garlic bed

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