Seeds Update – Feb 15

Things look encouraging with the broad beans with seedlings appearing for all the trays except the most recent planting which I mad just yesterday (‘De Monica’, in a matrix of  6, 3 beans each ‘pot’). So if all come through I should have enough to fill the assigned bed.

Some more of the cosmos seeds in trays in the greenhouse (and in heated propagators) have come through but still quite patchy really.

Surprisingly some of the tomatoes are through on the kitchen windowsill so now I have 2 ‘cherry cascade’ seedlings and 4 ‘red cherry’ seedlings.

Outside the greenhouse and kitchen I finally got round to clearing the last raised bed left with left over bits and weeds – the one which had salad crops in last year (No 1, destined for climbing & French beans this year)). There was enough space in the bed to add the compost contents of a ‘growbag’ plus a good scattering of pelleted chicken droppings as a general fertiliser.

I’m going to have to sit down and sow more seed soon, and do a general tidy of the greenhouse as well, I need the room on the benches! Also I have 3 windows to replace as the are either cracked or broken and in one case missing. The weather needs to improve though, there have been strong winds all this week, not great for dealing with greenhouse windows.

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