Broad Beans and More

A sunny day today (12DegC) tempted me into the garden for a spell and in the greenhouse most of the broad beans had come through, only the last few I planted yet to appear. The first batches are well enough established to put in the shelter of the ‘cold frame’ (propped up door) and will hopefully be ready to plant in a few days.

The first two trays sown of broad beans – ‘De Monica’ in the lower one and ‘Aquadulce’ in the other

In the picture above, the lower tray (‘De Monica’) is the one now outside acclimatising.

Two new varieties of broad bean (to me) – ‘Meteor’ and ‘Optica’ (nearer set)

Also, encouragingly one of the first set of mangetout peas is coming through so that’s a start. I’ve added some more peas to a couple of pots today as well – this time another variety I haven’t tried before call ‘Bajka’ – should be interesting to see what they are like. The picture on the pack makes them look good, but don’t they all?

In the kitchen the cherry tomato seedlings are doing well, and I’ve planted some more seeds plus some more peppers. No sign of the first lot of peppers yet.

The two original trays of ‘Cosmos’ are still very patchy, but other seeds are starting to come through in other trays (Phlox, Lobelia and more Cosmos) – I haven’t tried Phlox or Lobelia from seed before so they are a bit of an experiment.

It was so sunny today that I saw my first butterfly (a ‘comma’) – see pic below, and a ‘bee-fly’ – very much a fly I only see in spring usually hawking over the lawn.

Comma butterfly

Bee fly (bombylius major)

More worrying, the first grey squirrel for some time appeared on the lawn the other day….

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