As I said but now with Pictures

Finally got some of the photos ready, although they are now a couple of weeks old.

So what’s been happening then? Well plenty really. Firstly I was seduced by the plants available at our local DIY centre over a week ago and bought some brassicas – a few cabbage seedlings and a few cauliflowers which almost filled a bed.

Cauliflower nearest and cabbages far end. The mesh is to keep the pigeons off

I also bought a couple of tomato plants of varieties I either or don’t have or have failed to germinate so far. Plus a collection of sweet pepper plants as my own seeds weren’t germinating at the time. Since then of course several have come through!

More of my tomatoes have germinated as well. So I bought some grow-bags the other day and at least one tomato will have to go in inside the greenhouse in the next couple of days as it’s getting rather big. Some of the peppers will have to be re-potted into big pots as well, although when the weather is warm enough some can go out into one of the beds since last year that approach worked quite well. (although some were in a grow-bag, it was outside).

All the mangetout seedlings are in now, and I have a few new ones coming through in pots, plus a set of four in a pot which are ready to plant out.

Mangetout seedlings – the CDs are to put the pigeons off!

The broad beans are flourishing, apart from two plants (both ‘De Monica’) so I think I’ll sow a couple more beans as replacements.

The borad bean bed

The ‘Maya Gold’ potatoes are in but no sign of shoots yet as it has basically been dry since I planted them until yesterday in fact when we had showers and a thunderstorm.

I did plant some radishes and a short row of ‘salad leaves’ some weeks ago and the radish have germinated and are doing well, but very few of the salad seeds seem to have germinated.

Radishes. The ‘salad leaves’ are supposed to be a row above -but not much sign

We have had our first harvest though – rhubarb. It was forced under an old water butt and the harvest shown went into a rhubarb pie I made.

Rhubarb harvest

Meanwhile for various reasons, mostly to do with unexpected germination and ordering online just in case, I have many cosmos seedlings, but I’m sure they will all come in handy. I’ve also bought plenty of petunias, geraniums and impatiens so I’ve had to get on with preparing the borders ready – lots of weeding and spreading of compost.

Some of the many Cosmos seedlings

I’ll add varieties later – so revisit this page if you want to know…..


It’s all been a bit weird, we’ve had hot periods then cold then hot again and now it’s showers and wind. It’s meant for instance that it’s been really hot in the greenhouse, then a weeks of nights where I had to put a heater on in the  greenhouse followed by a really hot week again and now back to ‘normal’ temperatures. All a bit tricky, I didn’t know whether to put plants outside of the greenhouse or not and found myself taking them out and then putting them back again.

Coupled with the warm periods we had no rain, particularly over the last couple of weeks until yesterday so the rain was welcome.



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