Enough Tomatoes Now!

A follow up to my earlier post plus some progress in the greenhouse.

Two tomato plants are now in a growing bag (pic below). One is an F1 ‘Supersteak’, a beefsteak style tomato bought as a small plant. The other is a ‘red cherry’, grown from seed (new this year).

Beefsteak style on the left, cherry on the right

As usual of course after an initial panic that not enough seeds were germinating and then buying a couple of plants in, I’ve now probably got too many! So probably the surplus may go in the bed alongside to the greenhouse where i’m also going to plant one or two pepper plants.

A collection of tomato seedlings

The seedlings above are a mixture, there are some ‘alicante’, ‘san marzano’ and a couple of types of cherry tomatoes. Since the picture was taken I’ve repotted a couple of ‘gardeners delight’ which had been started off on the kitchen window-ledge. I’d love to get some of the cherry varieties outside in the container by the kitchen but a frost is possible this weekend so I’m putting it off. They are getting rather big now though!

Back to my post before last where I described what I’d been doing and the varieties of veg I’ve been planting or waiting to be planted out.

The brassicas are cauliflower ‘serac’, cabbage ‘spring ducay’ and I bought some broccoli seedlings, ‘tenderstem’, the other day which I’ll plant in the same bed.

More mangetout seedlings are now in the bed with the others, they were ‘shiraz’, and I have some pots of ‘bajka’ and ‘shiraz’ just coming through.

I did buy a ‘pepper selection’ when it looked like virtually none of my seeds had germinated (and of course as soon as I’d done that some of mine came through). They bought in plants were a mix of ‘capino’, ‘bendigo’ & ‘parade’. Of these I’ve put a ‘parade’ into a large pot and it will stay in the greenhouse.

My own sees have produced three ‘como di torro rosso’ seedlings (it’s a variety that produces long rather than round peppers plus two ‘robertina’ which are a standard red pepper type.

Some of the broad beans are producing flower buds now, particularly the ‘aquadulce’ & ‘meteor’ varieties.

Broad beans – almost flowering now

Meanwhile the ‘flower’ section of the garden is now in a state to have the first border annuals put in after carrying out a major de-weeding and compost spreading exercise. Still one stretch of border to do and there are a load of annuals sitting in their trays (from garden centres) waiting to be planted.

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