Photos Follow up from last post

As promised in my last post here are some photos of the vegetable garden just to prove things are actually still growing and producing….

First I’ll mention the tomatoes. The greenhouse varieties are producing, especially the ‘cherry’ style variety, and the ‘gardeners delight’. The ‘manzano’ and ‘beefsteak’ are just starting to produce. Outside the greenhouse, those in the growbags again the cherry type is producing. The ones in the raised bed currently have plenty of green fruit on them.

The plants outside the kitchen, since they get afternoon sun and are sheltered have been producing for a couple of weeks and have been incorporated into salads and roasted dishes (as well will be tonight) Here’s a view of them recently:

Cherry style tomatoes outside the kitchen

The climbing beans are in full production as well, both the ‘green’ variety (blue lake) and the purple type (blauhilde). See photos below:

Blu lake climbing beans

Blauhilde climbing beans

I’m harvesting courgettes and cucumbers of course and as usual far too many for our needs.

I’ve been away recently for around 10 days. Although my new neighbour offered to keep watering my plants, I thought I would try and relieve the pressure a bit by setting up some auto watering in the greenhouse. This became all the more desirable when it became clear that the weather was going to be hot in between some showery intervals. Around the time I was considering this one of the online merchants I buy plants from offered a discount on a couple of products that looked promising.

One was a simple gravity fed watering system which used a suspended plastic bag with a tube system and adjustable ‘taps’ to feed a number of containers…

Gravity fed watering system

The bag holds a fair amount of water and the system worked reasonably well, the main problem being the adjustment of the ‘taps’ to provide a flow low enough for what I wanted. I used two of these (it was a 2 pack on offer) to keep the peppers and the cucumber watered and the seemed to achieve this ok.

The other system was rather more sophisticated and involved a box with electronics, display and which contained a small pump. This could be programmed to pump water from a bucket through thin tubes to the plants or containers that needed watering. This needed a while in operation before I could work out the optimum settings and it was used to water the growbags containing the tomato plants.

‘Automatic’ watering device

Both systems are still operating and seem to be more or less working as wanted, although the gravity fed system needs some more adjustment. The ‘electronic’ system does need the bucket refilling after a week or so, but the gravity fed system s haven’t needed refilling yet.

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