Garden Map



The  garden vegetable plot shown above is about 10m across (to the hedges) and 10m long. The house lies to the North with a similar sized plot containing grass and flower beds between it and the plot shown above.  A section of ‘wild’ garden lies beyond the vegetable plot which contains 2 apple trees, plum tree (2016), blackcurrant, whitecurrant and redcurrant bushes plus a couple of gooseberry bushes.

Each raised bed is 1.8m x .0.95m approx.

There are big hedges on both sides. The hedges on the right side are about 3m high – a mixture of holly, prunus and ribes. On the LH side the hedge is mainly holly but is much higher (tree height) so provides a lot of shade. Both hedges contain brambles – and produce plenty of fruit in the autumn.

There is a silver birch in the top LH corner as well which has to be well pruned to stop it shading. I have pruned the central pear tree, so that won’t shade as much as in the early years. It has also been severely shortened in 2014.

The top of the map is basically South so the sun passes over from left to right.

The hedges make the garden reasonably sheltered though, but of course have an effect on the crops near to them. Still I’d rather have them – there have been  blackbirds nesting in the RH hedge and blue tits nest in the LH side. In fact there are so many natural nesting sites that nest boxes are hardly used.

Early Years

Here is a rough sketch map of the garden plots up to 2015. Raised beds were added from ? to 2015 when all plots had been replaced by raised beds.

All dimensions (where you can read them) are in metres.

New Garden Map


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