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More Sowin’ and Plantin’

The weather has been a bit variable with showers and some sunny periods so it’s been a bit of a lottery whether I’ve been able to do much in the garden.

However, have managed a few jobs in the flower and vegetable areas.

First, the flower beds – I’ve had a dozen or so osteospermum plants in pots over the winter and I finally managed to get them all planted scattered around the beds.

I took the risk and went to my local garden centre last week as well, always a dangerous thing to do as I inevitably come away with more than I intended. So it proved, though in a relatively restrained way. My objective was to get a couple of Clematis plants for a container that lives at the front of the house. Only one of the plants had survived the winter and that was a plant that was rather disappointing. So two I found two plants – a red flowering and a white flowering plants, both of which might have two flower flushes in the year. They are in the container now and growing well. The old Clematis has been taken out and planted next to the arch that divides the flower area from the vegetables – I needed another climber there so it will be useful.

However, I was distracted at the garden centre by seeing a Dicentra plant – now I’ve tried several times to get Dicentra to flourish in the garden but they only seem to last a couple of years at best – so we’ll see. It’s already planted and seems ok so far.

On the way to the cash desk I passed a stand with trays of brassicas and salad plant – and was intrigued by a tray of a dozen mixed type of cauliflower seedlings. I’ve never had too much success with brassicas in general but haven’t tried cauliflower seriously before so I bought the tray – and they nicely filled one of the raised beds. I think they are hanging on….

Cauliflower seedlings – the CDs are to scare off the pigeons!

The bed with the cloches over (2) is intended for salad cops and I planted a part row longways of ‘Leaf Salad’ (mixed lettuce) under one cloche and a similar row of Swiss Chard (Bright Lights) under the other cloche. I’ll hopefully add more of the rows in a month or so to extend the cropping. Once the cloches come off I should able to plant more salad crops. At least the cloches will keep the birds off for now.

No sign of any of the mangetout peas planted in bed 6 yet, and I’ve planted up a couple of pots in the greenhouse in one of the propagators with ‘Oregon Sugar Pod’ peas as a backup.

In the propagators the flower seeds planted a couple of weeks ago (malop & cosmos) are germinating now and in the same propagator there are more tomato seedlings through (‘Jon Rainbow Blend’ & ‘Marmande’). Also in another propagator some Kale I Planted a couple of weeks ago are now just appearing.

Tomato seedlings and more


Kale – just coming through

Still on the kitchen windowsill are the pots of tomato seedlings (still only 3 seedlings – 2 Zuchero & 1 Gardeners Delight), peppers (none yet) and chives (most germinated). Also in a seed tray by a window is a half tray of Marigold and Nicotiana flowers for the flower beds. One cucumber seed has germinated as well on the windowsill.

Still a few overwintered perennials to plant out – mostly Doronicum and a few spring flowering plants as well but it’s beginning to get under control. The main plants to get into the ground are the broad bean seedlings – looking very much ready now.

Broad bean seedlings ready to go in

Just to show spring is here – here is a picture of one of the Kerria plant – it is actually in the veg area as well…

Kerria coming into full bloom


Nothing much different, the Robins still appear if \i’m doing any work on raised beds. The great tits, dunnocks etc. still visiting the feeders and fortunately no squirrels have appeared  – yet.


More flowers delivered – weather crummy

Not much incentive to work outside during the last couple of days, today was very windy and with rain this afternoon. However, I did have to work in the greenhouse yesterday as a set of three clematis plants were delivered in the morning and they needed potting up – so that was one job. While I was there I potted on the ‘tumbling tom’ tomatoes that were all in one pot – three were ok and one just a tiny seedling which may not make it.

Also, a couple of days ago 24 baby ‘busy lizzie’ plants were delivered and that meant a session in the greenhouse putting them all into a matrix so they grow on a bit.

The wind today highlighted the fact that some of the broad bean plants are big enough now to need ‘stringing’ so that’s another job for the week.

Also, the peppers from the kitchen windowsill, 3 of which germinated, are now big enough to survive so I transferred them to the greenhouse. It’s predicted to be cold tonight so I’ve turned on the tube heater just to make sure they survive.

More Tomato Seedlings At Last

Well some of my worries about the tomato seed are now reduced as some seedlings have now appeared to be precise, 2 ‘gardeners delight’, 1 ‘tumbling tom’, 1 ‘giulietta’, 1 ‘sweet ‘n neat and 1 ‘marmande’ – which is a big improvement on none a few days ago. Why they have taken so long to germinate is a mystery, and whether any more will appear I don’t know. However, so far note of the pepper seeds have germinated.  All the pots are still in the propagators and I’ll leave them for the time being, so maybe….

New tomato seedlings

New tomato seedlings

I have a second line of attack in that I have planted more tomato and pepper seedlings in post which are currently on the kitchen windowsill – so hopefully some of them will produce.

Of course I’m going to end up with more tomatoes than I can deal with in the end…

Today the weather has been pretty abysmal, with strong wind, rain, and occasional sun, so no working outside, it was strictly greenhouse time.

I had moved the old tank designated for carrots this year into the greenhouse to warm up a bit and today I sowed two varieties of carrot – ‘mini finger’ & ‘Amsterdam 2 solo’. I grew both varieties last year and they produced reasonably well, so should be ok this year hopefully.

I think I mentioned previously that I had planted some parsley inn pots which have been on the kitchen windowsill as well – well they have germinated and there are several seedlings of flat leaf and curly parsley. Today I planted another couple of pots, one of each variety and these are in one of the propagators in the greenhouse. Some of the seedlings will go outside near the kitchen when the weather permits.

The peas plated in a matrix in the greenhouse are now starting to appear:

Pea shoots

Pea shoots

These are mangetout peas, but I have some ‘main crop’ peas on order so for a change I’ll be trying some of those as well this year.

Also coming through are the next lot of broad beans – ‘aguadulce’ variety:

broad beans appearing

Broad beans appearing

Although it looks like 4 have failed to make it, there are enough for a row I think and there are more waiting to appear in other trays.

On top of the vegetable work, I also potted on the remaining marigold seedlings, another 18 plants.

I just hope the weather this week will allow me to get the last raised bed in place, though the forecast isn’t too promising with more rain showers predicted. I’ve also got quite a few perennials and other plants on order and some of then will be turning up soon! One plant, a clematis, turned up last week and is now in a pot inside the greenhouse growing on a bit while I get its ultimate destination sorted out (at the front by the front door), and some more clematis plants are on order to go with it.