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Sort of Summer and Harvesting

Well the weather has been rather variable over the last couple of weeks with showers between sun. I suppose the upside is that I’ve only had to get the hosepipe out once to water the vegetables and that was a couple of days ago and then it poured the day after! Temperatures understandably have been rather up and down

The harvesting has carried on since my last post and the broad beans are now pretty much finished, and in fact I’ve pulled up half the plants already.

Elsewhere, the tomatoes are doing fairly well with large tomatoes in the greenhouse just waiting for them to ripen.

Greenhouse tomatoes waiting to ripen – these are ‘Adam F1’ a variety I haven’t grown before

The first tomatoes to ripen are in the container outside the kitchen and I guess I’ll be trying at least one of them in the next couple of days.

Almost ready to eat – these are ? variety

The plants outside the greenhouse are looking pretty good with tomatoes already growing on the largest plants

The pepper plants in the greenhouse at producing, or at least the ‘de cayenne’ ones are, still green of course but hopefully will fully ripen eventually

You can just make out the curved peppers

The gooseberries from the two bushes near the redcurrants, and from the two ‘compact’ bushes I bought earlier in the year have all been harvested and are now in the freezer waiting for a decision as to what to do with them – jam or pie!

Another harvest under way now is from the bean bed, with the dwarf/french beans now producing and the climbing beans just starting to produce.

Beans – mostly dwarf/french and one lonely climbing bean

The courgettes and squashes haven’t yet produced anything, but it looks as if there will be one courgette to harvest this week – the courgette glut is coming…..

The first courgette

However, the cucumber plant in the greenhouse has been producing small but tasty cucumbers over the last few weeks and looks like it will continue for a while at least. There is one plant in the courgette/squash bed which is flowering but it will be a couple of weeks at least before anything useful comes from it.

Another set of fruit bushes that have just started to produce are the blueberries. There are four in containers around where the blackcurrants are (by the way ‘all’ the blackcurrants were harvested a week ago and they amounted to less than a handful) of which 3 are producing plus two ‘dwarf’ bushes in the new fruit bush bed, one of which (the newer one) is producing. I have to make sure I keep on top of harvesting them or the birds will have them!

Finally, I’ve just started pulling the garlic up and setting them to dry in the greenhouse – they are ok but could be bigger I think. Both the autumn and spring planted ones are much the same. Probably quite strong though….


The one animal missing from the wildlife special (see here) was a toad. Typically now I see them all the time seemingly. Anyway I managed to corral one so I could take a photo, although even then it was difficult as it was constantly moving – see below:

Not totally clear – kept moving!


Fruit and Veg Harvesting Plus

Yes there has been harvesting over the last couple of weeks at least.

The mangetout peas have been producing quite well and they have been incorporated into cooked dishes as well as in salads.

The broad beans also, there is still one more harvest left I think, although some plants are blackfly affected and I’ve been pinching off the sections that have been attacked rogularly but even some bean pods have had a line  of blackfly on them so It’s meant picking with a cloth available to wipe the bean pods.

Mangetout, broad beans and strawberries

The fruit bushes and plants have also been producing, with several punnets full of strawberries from the strawberry bed, and one or two from escapee plants established in the nearby border. The other big producer has been the tayberry bush which is producing plenty of berries at the moment ( I had a few with my breakfast cereal this morning). On Sunday I completed harvesting the redcurrants with a second container full – now stored in the freezer waiting for jam making.

Redcurrants before harvesting

The blueberries are starting to colour up now as well and there are one or two raspberries ripening. Although the raspberry harvest isn’t going to be as good as previous years since I think I pruned the wrong canes down to the ground early in the year, and they have only grown a couple of feet high now, but they do have a few fruiting branches.

The success of the tayberry is leading me too think that I might replace some of the raspberry canes with another tayberry.

Tayberries ripening

The five blackcurrant bushes I bought ?last year (or was it the year before) anyway,  have had mixed fortunes. one never produced a shoot and was replaced with a bush I had in a container – which is doing fine. One more struggled to produce a shoot this year and seems to have given up just recently. The others are fine, and even bearing fruit, though the total won’t amount to a lot. Next year should be a lot better.

There are some gooseberries ripening on the new ‘compact’ bushes in the fruit bush bed as well as on the established bushes near the redcurrants – may need harvesting soon.

Moving on, the courgettes are flowering, and there was one courgette starting to grow on one of the plants in the ‘protected’ bed, but slugs had a go at it so that’s been removed. I guess we’ll be harvesting at least one in a couple of weeks.

Baby yellow (Atena) courgette

The cucumber plant in the greenhouse has already produced a couple of good cucumbers and there are more growing. The outside plant, in  the bed with courgette and squash plants is still just growing up a stake.

Baby cucumber in the greenhouse

The french and climbing beans are just in flower now, ar at least some of them, so again it’ll be a couple of weeks I thinbk before we start harvesting.

The tomatoes are developing well – here are some of the ‘Adam F1’ in the greenhouse

Adam F1 tomatoes

However, the weather has been rather variable and not very summer like recently. In fact the last few days have been very windy and showery with only occasional sunshine. Today it has been rainy and it looks like that will continue for a few more days yet.

That’s all for now….

Some Pictures of Current SItuation

Although the weather isn’t too good at the moment – rainy and no sun I managed to get a few pictures of the vegetable beds as they are at present.

Garlic, potatoes and courgette/squash beds

As can be seen above, the potatoes have come on really well – beyond the courgette bed there are containers with blueberry bushes in (loaded with berries) and in between the containers are the new blackcurrant bushes, still v small.

Carrots in front, bean bed behind – the climbing beans are in the middle. Salad bed on the left

I need to plant some more salad crops in the salad bed to make sure we have leaves etc. through the summer. We’ve already had plenty of leaves and some radishes. The climbing beans have just started to climb up the netting.

Broad beans on right. Courgettes etc under the door on the left

One unfortunate event is that a cuumber, which was growing happily under the LH end of the ‘door’ bed has just decided to die for no apparent reason – so i’ve only got two cucumber plants now – one in the greenhouse (already with tny cucumbers) and one recently planted in the ‘courgette bed’.

The broad beans are fine apart from some blackfly – here are some of the pods (we’ll be harvesting more this weekend).

Broad bean pods

Also the mangetout peas are now ‘in pod’ -well a few – so we’ll probably eat those this weekend before they get too big.

Mangetout pod – the first this year

That’s all for the moment folks. Still working on wildlife pictures…..

Only a Few Seedlings Left to Plant

Ar last and quite late now I’ve almost planted all my vegetable seedlings. There are a few tomato seedlings left which rather curiously don’t seem to want to grow much. There is still an empty space in one of the growbags outside the greenhouse waiting for them to grow big enough for one to go in. The weather isn’t helping either as it’s turned cold, rainy and windy at the moment.

Grownags outside the greenhouse – empty place on the left

I’ve also one cucumber seedling and two squash seelings I’m struggling to find a home for – the cucumber I can fit into the bed withthe courgettes & sqush plants already in but the squash seedlings ….?

That leaves the cauliflower seedlings that arrived the other day finally. There are fifiteen and are destined for the bed next to the greenhouse. I’ve prepared the bed now and it’s just a matter of waiting until the weather improves a bit before they go in.

Meanwhile the dwarf beans/climbing beans bed is now looking a lot better. I’ve replaced the dead & dying plants with new seedlings I’ve grown. In the middle are the climbing beans and some are now climbing.

The bean bed

The new replacement blueberry bush is looking happy, and I hope it stays that way.

The new blueberry bush (the remaining original to the left)

The mangetout peas are in flower so it won’t be long before we are harvesting. The first ones planted have grown really tall – I’ve had add longer and longer stick as support.

Mangetout bed

We have had our first harvest of broad beans this weekend – although we did have to supplement them with some pods bought from our local shop.


The relly good news is that we have hedgehogs back – the latest trail-cam footage from our ‘wild’ section revealed at least one hedgehog crossing as well as a fox. No hadgehogs had been seen since early last year so it’s a welcome return.

If I have time I may do a ‘wildlife’ special in the enr future

Courgettes PLanted

At last the weather is warm  enough and looks like it’s going to more or less stay that way in the near future so I thought planting was safe…

So two, (‘golden zuchini’) which produce yellow courgettes are under the door and four others, two of them are ‘black beauty’ and the other two are ‘unkown’ – so we’llsee what they produce. There are still some squash plants waiting for a home as sell.

Golden zuchin ‘under the door’

Black beauty courgettes are the two on the right

I’ve also one more cucumber to plant out as I’ve given a couple of seedlings away. Th eplant under the door seems to be ok:

Cucumber ‘inya’

The broad beans have their first pods now, but that common problem with broad beans has arrived – the blackfly

So clearly I need to go round and nip off the plant tops – and I’ll use the hosepipe to knock some off, or spray with washing up liquid and water but only a few plants at one end of the bed are affected at the moment.

The tomatoes outside the kitchen are the first to produce flowers

Toamato flowers – these will turn into yellow small tomatoes – hopefully

I’ve added a few more mangetout seedlings to the mangetout bed and there are some more in the greenhouse just starting to appear.

The potatoes are all up now and – I must earth them up now.

The bad news is that one of the two ‘dwarf’ blueberry bushes in the new fruit butsh bed has died (no idea why), so I’ve ordered a new plant.

Finally all the climbing beans are in the bed now so there are four varieties in now – the last two were ‘blue lake’ and ‘vitalis’.


We have had a load of sparrows in the garden this year, which is good conisdering they disappeared for several years. Nowthey’ve been giving the bird food a real good bashing – in the hot weather we aare having at the moment they are making use of the water I’ve put out for baths.

Sparrows enjoying a bath

Climbing Beans Planted

At last, even though we’ve had warmer weather for a few days it has been very windy so I held off planting them until today. There were three ‘blauhilde’ and a couple of  ‘vitalis’ ready to plant out. The blauhilde separated ok but the two vitalis had to be planted together as their roots had become so intertwined.

CLimbin Beans in at last – vitalis on the left

There are mangetout ready to be planted as well, plus tomatoes outside in growbags along side the greenhouse. The growbags are ready, with holes cut out and watered and there are tomatoes ready to go in them but again the windy weather put me off planting them – but I think they can go in during the next couple of days. Update – they have now been planted.

Tomatoes outside greenhouse – they are ‘Adam F1’

The plants inside are growing well and I have the chilli pepper plants in pots – they will be moved out of the way when I’ve tidied my plant trays up. The three tomato plants at the back are all

Tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse – ‘san marzano’ at the back and one ‘adam f1’ in front

Here are the mangetout plants a few days ago:

Mangetout bed

Meanwhile, it is clear that around half-a-dozen dwarf beans are dead or badly scarred as a result of the frosts, plus of course it has been very dry and that’s not helped, even though I’ve been watering.  I’ve planted one of the new ones (‘safari’) now and more are coming on in the greenhouse.

Inside the greenhouse after what seems far too long more cucumber seedlings have appeared, also some ‘old’ climbing beans (‘blue lake’) have also germinated.

Ciurgettes, squash and more seedlings in the greenhouse

Outside, the broad beans are all in flower now, and the potato plants are just starting to appear.

Broad bean bed

However, there was one other loss apart from the dwarf beans, one of the tomatoes outside the kitchen (‘yellow perfection’) failed to survive the cold snap, but the other three are ok. Strangely the last batch of tomato seeds in the greenhouse have produced seedlings  ok, but they seem to be very slow growing which I don’t really understand.


A May Frost – Unwanted

Monday (11th May) evening the temperaterue started to drop – so at 10:30pm it was already 2degC. I did at least then wrap the tomatoes outside the kitchen up (3 were covered by bottles anyway) but when I got up early Tuesday the temperatrue was 0.4degC and looking at the record overnight it had dropped below zero briefly (the local forecast had been for 2 to 3dgC minimum).

That led to a ceratain amount of worry and this was confirmed later in the day when I looked at the French beans, it was clear some of them had been hit and today confirms that. I had already planted some mroe beans in pots and have put a few more in today so eventually I can replace the affected plants.

Elsewhere things aren’t too bad, although the peppers in the greenhouse did look rather sad initially but seem to haave recovered.

The kitchen tomatoes look to have survived but I had wrapped then up Tuesday night as well just in case.

All a bit worrying though and I’ll certainly delay planting the climbing beans for a bit longer.

Possibly not so bad in the end

Despite the numerous germination failures – mostly of flower sees, though a number of courgette and tomato seeds have failed to produce.

After all the efforts I now have enough tomatoes, courgetted and cucumbers I think, but no sweet peppers have appeared despite at least 3 sowings. However I seem to be ok for hot peppers.

here is part of the collection of seedlings in the greenhouse at present:

Seedlings in the greenhouse

In the picture above there are some tomato seedlings, 4 ‘harzfeuer’, 2 ‘red cherry’ and in another tray there are 4 ‘yellow perfection’ still small seedlings. Plus there are 3 ‘adams F1’ large enough to go out into grwobags by the greenhouse but waiting until the weather is a bit more trustworthy (it’s predicted to be cold next week).

There is one cucumber (inya) & 2 ‘srenski’, just coming through. After several sowings I finally have 1 ‘de nice a fruit’, 2 ‘black beauty’, 2 golden zuchini and 2 ‘unkown’ (I forgot to lable them but they may be golden zuchini) and 2 squash ‘yellow scallop’.

Growbags in greenhouse

The growbag at the bag has 3 ‘san marzano’, although the centre one is struggling a bit. The growbag in front has one ‘adam F1’ and a couple  of the the small seedlings are destined for the other two positions.

Some tomatoes are out already in the container by the kitchen, one ‘cherry cascade’ and 3 ‘yellow perfection’.

Kitchen container tomatoes

There are also 3 ‘de cayenne’ and 1 ‘jalapeno’ peppers, which will go into large pots soon, insdie the greenhouse unless we have a very warm summer.

There are also some mangetout ‘shiraz’ just coming through as well plus 3 ‘blue lake’ climbing beans. I have 3 ‘blauhilde’ and 3 ‘vitalis’ climbing beans under the ‘door’ outside waiting for a bit of predictable weather – unformtunately next week looks like being a bit cold.

However, the broad beans are coming along well:

Broad bean bed

I did plant a dozen or so dwarf beans (bed 5)  a week ago and they seem to be surviving plus a delivery of dwarf bean plants arrived from a nursery a coupld of days ago, but they were in pretty poor condition as they were really too big to ship but some will survive I think.

The strawberries meanwhile are well in flower:

Strawberries in flower

As I mentioned in previous post, the carrot germination has been a bit patchy. One container has an ants nest which has disturbed (or eaten) the seeds. The other isn’t as bad but still a bit patchy.

Carrot seedlings

Nothing to report as far as wildlife is concerned, but I have the cameras watching the lawn and the ‘wildlife’ part of the garden so we’ll see.

Disappointing Germination

Although I may have enough tomatoes now it’s been a struggle. Quite a few sowings have failed, not just of tomatoes but cornichon, various flowers and peppers. Here is a photo that shows two trays full of pots with no sign of any seedlings, and they have been there long enough….

One lonely nemesia and some climbing beans at the back (vitalis) is all there is to show – most will need to be thrown out soon. Not only has there been failures in the greenhouse but the classic kitchen windowsill has proved tricky as well with a number of failures. plus some in the lounge.

After multiple sowings I may have enough tomatoes, possibly climbing beans (6 through and looks like some more are appearing), dwarf/french beans (safari and tendergreen) and the mangetout peas seem to germinate ok.

However, the cucumber/courgette/squash seeds have been pretty poor. None of the cornichon or the first sowing of courgettes have produced. Two cucumber seedlings are almost big enough to harden off now but I may plant some more. Fresh sowings of squash and courgette seem to have come through just the other day so at least they have produced.

Some successes

Above are some of the plants that have managed to appear. At the front are cosmos on the left and some salad leaves on the right. Some new tomato seedlings top right and courgette/squash seedlings that have just come through. Top left are peppers plus some yellow type tomatoes.

Outside the greenhouse the kohn rabi I sowed some time ago have not appeared, the seed was a bit old though. There are around four lollo rosso lettuces and the radishes are ok. However, the spring onions seem to have failed. Other things that I’ve sowed more recently are on a ‘wait and see’ watch.

The broad beans are looking good though and I’ll soon have to start putting the canes and string in to keep them upright.

Broad bean bed – looking good

There are some more mangetout peas to plant out and I’ll need to sow some more to keep filling the bed up.

I planted carrot seeds into two containers a couple of weeks ago. One turned out to have an active ants nest in it and so although some seeds have germinated ot’s a bit of a mess. The other isn’t that much better although it is at least still possible to see the rows they were sown in only just in the photograph I took this morning – see pic below:

You can just make out the rather sparse carrot seedlings

Plants I ordered some time ago have started to turn up, mostly flowers so I’ve now enough to fill a couple of hanging baskets and looks like next week might be the start of planting out in the borders. There are geraniums waiting to go out into the borders and some begonias to go into containers. Just today 35 baby ‘busy lizzie’ plantlings appeared and so I had to spend a while in the greenhouse putting them into pots.

Geraniums, peas,etc. waiting to be planted out

It’s been dry and sunny for a couple of weeks now and as a result I needed to water the garden with the hosepipe last night and it looks like the dry weather is going to continue for few days yet.

More Sowing and Some Shoots

As not everything I’ve sown seem to be germinating I’ve been sowing a whole new bunch of things today. While the weather was a bit miserable sitting in the greenhouse seemed a good plan.

Flowers are a bit of a thing at the moment, although I’ve got some on order I still feel the need to try and produce some more. So I sowed some Zinnia and Malope today. I’ve never tried Zinnia before so it will be interesting to see how they do.

Of course I planted some more veg., tomatoes are still a bit short so I sowed some more ‘Yellow Perfection’ which are a small fruit type even though I seem to have some already, it’s the sort of tomato we can go through a lot of.

Also, I sowed some courgette, a type I haven’t planted before, ‘De Nice Fruit’ and a couple of squash seeds a sort of disk type (I’ve just forgotten the name).

Meanwhile, three of the climbing beans are up (Blauhilde type) and five dwarf beans (all Safari) I think. Also, a second Jalapeno pepper has appeared.

The mangetout seedlings planted out the other day seem to be happy enough.

Also, the hanging baskets are now under way thanks to a delivery from a local garden centre of some trailing fuchsias and some bacopa plants (‘Cabana’) plus I’ve also had a delivery of half a dozen callibrachoa plants that will serve to fill up the baskets – no lobelia this year though I don’t think.


One extremely worrying result from the trail camera at the end of the garden is the lack of any hedgehogs passing through. It can’t be the result of a blockage as there are plenty of cats and at least two foxes passing though. The camera covered a period of late summer into autumn last year before the batteries ran out so if there were any around I think I would have seen them.  There’s another camera there now so we’ll see. and the original camera will be back soon as well.

Next I need to check the camera which has been monitoring the side of the house for a while.

Tomato Seedlings and More

Yes there are seedlings now (I did mention it in my last post), so at least it looks like I’ll have tomatoes this year….

As well as the San Marzano above there are two and possibly three ‘Cherry Cascade’. Peppers are also through, 3 ‘Jalapeno’ and 3 ‘De Cayenne’.

Not only that but the second sowing of broad beans are starting to come through – just starting to poke through the compost.

You can just see some white shoots in a couple of the pots

The beans already planted out seem to be doing well

The borad bean plants

Also, the garlic is growing well but it will be a while before that is useful.

Garlic – 2 varieties

I’ve started to prepare the last bed that wasn’t covered (5) – the one that is destined for the climbing beans so I have time.

Two of the beds still covered (2 & 3) will have compost added from last years growbags. So these should be ready in the next week or so.

The fruit bushes in bed 10 all sprouting bar one. One of the ‘raspberry bushes’ doesn’t seem to be producing anything yet. Meanwhile the new blackcurrant bushes planted last year are producing shoots, and the one that didn’t make it last year has been replaced with a bush that was in a pot and that seems to have taken ok. One of the new bushes is still quite small though, really only one shoot and may not survive.

I also have some small geranium plants currently in the greenhouse – they were bought as tiny plug plants. It will be a few weeks befoe I can plant them out.

Geeranium plantlets – they will have red flowers

As well as the seeds I mentioned in the last post I know I have some more flower plants to be delivered and there are more to be ordered.

The Plan – well Probably

This is the plan for the raised beds in the garden this year. It isn’t complete in that there is one bed undecided.

There is some effect of the coronavirus crisis though as I may not be able to get young plants, growbags etc. – it all depends on which shops are allowed to stay open.

The bed assignments are:

1 Garlic – already planted and coming up. Two batches, one autumn sown and the other early in the year

2 Potatoes – should be ‘Mayan Gold’ again which I grew last year and it’s different enough from shop bought potatoes to make it worth growing. Already on order.

3 Sweet pepper and tomato plants. The tomatoes will be the excess plants from growbags and in the greenhouse. Always assuming I can get hold of more growbags of course. I’ve only got one at the moment.

4 Salad crops. Already sown some radish and lettuce in this bed.

5 Climbing Beans and Dwarf/French Beans. It’s one of the beds I haven’t worked on yet but there is plenty of time.

6 Cauliflower and Cabbage. This is only a probable as I need to get hold of baby plants ideally but I may have to get hold of some seed as a backup.

7 Mangetout Peas. Same varieties as last year

8 This is the ‘cold frame’ so it will hold seedlings until cucumber and courgette plants are ready as the part cover means it is a bit hotter and protected.

9 Broad Beans. Half the bed more or less is planted already. Still waiting for another set of beans to come through.

10 Fruit bushes. This was planted with ‘dwarf’ blackberry, raspberry and blueberry bushes plus a couple of gooseberry bushes at the end of last year.

11 Strawberries. They have been in around 3 years now. I may need to see if new plants should be added this year.


More or Less Final Vegetable Crop Cleanup

The a;most fine weather has allowed me to complete the clear up of the raised beds. So the climbing beans and dwarf beans are all on the compost heap now and the brassica bed is now clear of the debris that was left, weeded and now one of the old blinds is covering it to keep the weeds down.

I’ve started harvesting the carrotts so the containers they are in will be the last crop. Although rather bizarrely I found that a raspberry cane that grows in the hedge near the greenhouse has raspberries still ripening on it – had a few with my breakfast the other day!

The tay-berry  near the greenhouse has been growing like mad and I’ve had to shorten the branches as they were just too long. I still need to prune out the stems that fruited this year though and I will see if the plant is as fruitful next year as it was this. The raspberry canes will need pruning as well, though I’m always unsure which bits I should be pruning back…..

Another big development is that the first crop for 2020 is now planted – garlic in bed 4. Two varieties ‘Caulk Wight’ – only one bulb which hadn’t got a lot of cloves so just filled a row and a half. The other is ‘Picardy Wight’, two bulbs which filled the rest of the bed with a few cloves over which I’ll plant in a container as soon as I can. See pic below of the planted bed:

Garlic bed

The near part if ‘Caulk Wight’ and the rest ‘Picardy Wight’ garlic


Composting Like Mad

Now the week or more of rains has ceased,  for the time being at least,I can get going with the large job of clearing up and composting the dead & dying plants.

The first job has been to clear up the greenhouse, as the space was needed for some plants to overwinter.

I’ve cleared up the two growbags  with tomato plants in them and the remains have gone to compost, the growbag contents will be added to one of the raised beds. The pepper plants have had it as well – there were four peppers to harvest and the plants composted. The big job in the greenhouse was to prune the grapevine back to the main ‘trunk’. If I leave that job too long then all the leave fall off in the greenhouse and it takes forever to collect them all up. Most of the grapevine cuttings have to go to the green recycling bin as they are too woody to compost.

Having got that job out of the way I could move some pots with salvia ‘amante’ in them, although still in flower, will need a bit of frost protection. Also moved in were some coleus plants in pots.

Next job will be the outside tomato plants and the courgette plants under the ‘door’  plus the climbing and dwarf bean plants – looks like the weather might stay fine for another days or so maybe I’ll get those jobs done…..

There are still carrots to harvest though!

Some bulbs and garlic are on order so planting them is another job coming up……

Autumn is Really Here

Yes the time for mass removal of dying or dead veg crops is now here.

There are a few tomatoes hanging on that may ripen, mostly outside in the raised bed near the greenhouse. There are also a few peppers trying to ripen outside and a couple that are ready in the greenhouse.

Almost everything else is finished, so I’ve cleared away the remains of the mangetout peas, also the squash (only produced 1 small squash which vanished overnight, I suspect animals rather than humans), the cornichon and courgette plants in the bed near the climbing beans, the cucumber plants (and I found a couple of large cucumbers I’d missed) plus what was left of the cabbage plants.

The courgette plants in the #part-covered’ bed are still there but looking a bit sad so they will go to compost soon…

The climbing bean plants are still growing well but after a big harvest the other day, I think there will be very few new beans now, depends on the weather really and the outlook is ok with no frosts predicted for a few days at least. The french/dwarf beans are just about finished now as well.

One other crop still in the ground is the carrots one containers is full of plants and the other where they wee planted has just 2 – don’t ask me why they were planted at more or less the same time.. but they seem to have produced decent roots so we’ll have to be eating them soon.

One job I need to do is to prune the tayberry which seems to have gone through a growing phase recently and has really long shoots now.

in the flower section lots of plants still flowering so it will be a while before I can do much clearing up there.