September 2013 Weather

Here is a summary of the September weather:

Summary for period 01/09/2013 to 30/09/2013

 Temperature (°C):

Mean (1 minute)  14.2

Mean (min+max)   15.2

Mean Minimum     9.4

Mean Maximum     21.0

Minimum          4.8 on 09/09/2013

Maximum          30.8 on 04/09/2013

Highest Minimum  13.2 on 03/09/2013

Lowest Maximum   12.1 on 17/09/2013

Air frosts       0

 Rainfall (in):

Total for period 1.00

Wettest day      0.18 on 13/09/2013

High rain rate   0.72 day 06/09/2013

Rain days        15

Dry days         15

 Wind (mph):

Highest Gust     22 on 15/09/2013

Average Speed    1

Wind Run         869.3 miles

Gale days        0

 Pressure (mb):

Maximum          1030.8 on 01/09/2013

Minimum          995.4 on 17/09/2013

 and a graph of the outside temperature:


As you can see the month started out pretty warm, went through a colder period in the middle, then warmed up again. I think the average for the month was higher than the normal for September.

The rain only happened on a few days, but when it did rain it rained quite a lot in a short while.

Not very windy overall.

Not a bad month for the garden, though a bit more rain would have been preferable.

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