A New Year – Weather Still Living in the Autumn

Hi to my reader in 2016.

So what’s happened since the last post? Well apart from Christmas etc. not a lot in the garden. The weather is still totally weird with temperatures up in the teens (C) many days, although it did drop to only 2deg the other night. So I have a Osteospermum in the garden which has just flowered, plus several cyclamens in flower. It’s really bizarre and annoying as plants (and weeds) that should  have died or gone into hibernation are still growing! So plants that should have been cut down for the winter are actually producing new shoots – even some of the clematis! I’ve actually had to hold off planting some of the spring flowering plants I have in the greenhouse as some of the plants they are meant to replace are still in flower – it’s just ridiculous.

Some colder weather is promised for the next week but that doesn’t really seem like enough to turn things round.

All in all it makes what to do in the garden a bit tricky – and although unseasonably warm it hasn’t been terribly comfortable working in the garden as there has been a fair amount of rain and wind and very little sun.

I have managed to buy most of the seeds I need for my vegetable gardening however, but the flower section is still in the ‘planning’ stage.


The most recent trailcam videos (from December) show the hedgehog still active as well as an indication of the weather plus fox and of course several cats but nothing very unusual. The birds are going through sunflower seeds at a high rate but mainly just blue and great tits with the odd robin (and hedge sparrows on the ground).

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