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Peas & Tomatoes Plus

(Actually written 14th April but not posted until now)

Yes I have enough tomato seedlings already although at least one variety hasn’t produced any seedlings – perhaps just as well really. I’ve now got the growbags ready to put some of them in – most have been re-potted from their original pots to give them room to keep growing in the meantime.

My first batch of mangetout peas are now in the raised bed 6 making up almost 2 rows. The second batch germinated in pots is now acclimatising outside the greenhouse and I’ll plant them in the bed in the next couple of days. The peas were originally protected by some mesh as they are a favourite for the pigeons when young. Now though I’ve created one o f my CD bird scarers to keep them off.

I bought some trays of bedding plants during the week and while buying those I noticed a tray of cauliflowers which I bought so I have some replacements for the ones that may now survive in the raised bed.


I went through  the pictures on the trail cam from the bottom of the garden and found, apart from a number of cats, that the hedgehogs are active now – quite busy going backwards and forwards in fact. Plus a squirrel – which hasn’t invaded the rest of the garden yet though – at least nor while I’ve been looking.



Autumn – Suppose I Should Clear Up

Well so far the autumn has been fine but what you might ask have I been up to in the garden since the last post.

The answer is not a lot really. I have cleared out the growbags in the greenhouse and one of the ones from alongside the greenhouse. The others will go as soon as I have time and they are finished growing and any tomatoes left aren’t really ripening or are too ripe. We’ve had such a glut of tomatoes from all the plants that there’s no keenness to use any of the ones left!

Still producing are the peppers in the greenhouse, and it’s been so mild and even sunny many days that they are probably still ripening. Also still producing are the courgette plants but I would guess that apart from the courgettes that are currently still on the plants there won’t be any new ones. The cucumbers have more or less given up growing as well. the cucumelon has ‘fruit’ on but I’m not sure if they are ready.

There are still potatoes in the ground, but the carrots and beans are finished and cleared away already.

On the fruit side I’ve harvested the apples (Lord Lambourne & a few Braeburn) as the wind had blown many of them off anyway. The blueberries were finished a couple of weeks ago, I was able to have some with my breakfast cereal for several weeks. Also, raspberries, from the canes that have been in the garden since before I moved in have been producing until only a few days ago, again nice with mmy breakfast. There have even been a coupl of strawberries in the last week!

I have been potting up a load of winter bedding flowers including Bellis, Pansies and Sweet Williams plus some ‘garden ready’ Bellis and Polyanthus delivered a week or so a go are waiting to be planted out.


Not much to say except several squirrels have been taken on holiday since the last post. The results of a trail cam at the bottom of the garden have shown regular visits from cats and hedgehog(s) plus one sighting of a fox.

The birds, mostly tits, have been going through the sunflower seeds rapidly together with a ‘fat slab’.